The Art of the Business Lunch

A business lunch can be a somewhat stressful situation whether you are planning one or attending. Here are a few simple guidelines that can make the process more palatable and ensure you make the most of your business lunch:

  •  Restaurant selection: try to choose a restaurant where you have previously dined and meets the criteria for a nice quiet atmosphere which is comfortable for speaking and serves quality food which most people will enjoy.
  •  If you are unsure about what restaurant to chose, ask a colleague.
  • Avoid ethnic restaurants where some people may not enjoy the cuisine.
  • Always make a reservation.
  •  Feel free to ask the hostess for a good, quiet table for business
  • Arrive five minutes early and remember to greet your business associate with a firm handshake.
  •  Never order for your business associate.
  •  Be smart about choosing food – order something you know you will like and that will be easy to eat.
  • General guidelines for paying the bill:
  • If you invite someone, you should always expect to pay.
  • If you are invited to the lunch with someone who is discussing investing or giving you business, you should at least offer to pay the bill.
  • Remember your credit card or carry adequate cash.
  • Always tip, even if the service was underwhelming.
  • Treat restaurant staff with respect.

Enjoy your lunch!


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